Support the Measure for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation in Ventura County!

This November, The Ventura County Pilot Cannabis Cultivation Program will put before voters an option to form a small-scale pilot program.


It will include regulatory and oversight frameworks (listed below) to ensure responsible cannabis cultivation in unincorporated Ventura County and will utilize pre-existing permanent greenhouse facilities only.

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In 2016 the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was approved by California voters, legalizing possession, use and cultivation of non-medical marijuana for those 21 and over and provided a framework for state and local regulation of commercial cannabis activity.


This new law empowered local governments to determine their own laws for regulation this industry.  Following the passage of the Act, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors banned commercial cannabis cultivation. 

  About the Project  

The Ventura County Pilot Cannabis Cultivation Program will...

Allow limited, local cannabis cultivation

Commercial cannabis cultivation & commercial cannabis nursery cultivation in pre-existing permanent greenhouse facilities

Up to 500 acres of total commercial cannabis cultivation, or 100 total acres for commercial cannabis nursery cultivation, representing only 0.42% of Ventura County’s total farmland

Comply with existing laws

Activity is permitted in proper zoning and in full compliance with SOAR 

Requires usage in full compliance with local and state laws    

Requires sites to have a Site Security Plan

Mandate sustainable cannabis farming practices

Requires cultivation sites to have an Energy Conservation Plan

Requires the use of the state's Track and Trace system to maintain information about the cannabis, inventories and activities for oversight purposes

Create setbacks to minimize impacts

Mandates setbacks from schools and other sensitive sites

Allows for indoor cultivation only, no outdoor activity 

Requires licensee to employ the best available odor mitigation technology

Ensure oversight

Mandates commercial cannabis licenses for cultivation, nursery cultivation, processing and distribution

Requires background checks on those with 20% financial interest

Sets important restrictions

No smoking, ingesting or consuming of cannabis on premises

No products, graphics or other materials showing cannabis or products will be visible outside

No alcohol may be stored, sold, dispensed or consumed and licensees cannot possess an alcoholic beverage license for the premises

No selling, storing or consuming tobacco or nicotine products on premises

Hear about our project as reported in the VC Star

Study sees no significant harm from pot measure on November ballot


Kathleen Wilson

Ventura County Star

An initiative allowing limited indoor commercial production of marijuana in Ventura County would generate $2.92 million annually in tax revenues and would not significantly boost crime, a study released Monday says.

The initiative on the Nov. 3 ballot allows up to 500 acres of cultivation in greenhouses and 100 acres for propagation of seedlings in nurseries in certain unincorporated areas.


But the analysis by an Orange County consultant estimates that only 220 acres or a third of that amount would actually take place because of the restrictions in the measure and existing land use. 

Consultant HdL Companies, which conducted the county-ordered study at a cost of $21,500, also found:

  • No significant effects on public safety, housing, employment and infrastructure.

  • Even though the initiative requires growers to prepare an odor prevention plan using the best available technology, there is no requirement that odors be eliminated.

  • A total of 72 jobs may be created with total payroll of around $3 million per year.

  • The measure would not change zoning or result in construction of new greenhouses because it only allows production within "pre-existing" permanent facilities, although the term pre-existing is not defined.

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